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We’re BPA-Free!

POS Supply’s Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls Are BPA-Free

A few common questions that we get about thermal paper include: “Is there BPA in thermal paper?”, “Is thermal paper toxic?” and even “Is thermal paper dangerous?”

Luckily, recent changes in the chemical composition of Thermal Receipt Paper have made the material safer to handle and more environmentally-friendly. We are pleased to say that as of 2019, all of POS Supply’s Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls are BPA-Free!

So while we cannot guarantee that any thermal paper roll you purchase online is safe and free of BPA - we can say that the thermal receipt rolls from POS Supply Solutions no longer contain the chemical Bisphenol A (unless otherwise stated). Check out our popular 3 1/8" BPA-Free Thermal Paper Rolls, 2 1/4" BPA-Free Thermal Rolls, BPA-Free Mobile Printer Paper Rolls, and other BPA-Free Receipt Paper Rolls!

We also offer Phenol-Free Thermal Paper Rolls, made without the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol S (BPS), or other phenol-based thermal developers. Additionally, the cores of our non-toxic, non-phenol paper rolls are completely recyclable and decompose cleanly. Each roll also has a core made up of recycled materials. Check out our Phenol-Free Thermal Paper Roll options!

Offering BPA-free receipts, as well as BPA and BPS-free thermal paper options, is something that we pride ourselves on at POS Supply Solutions. We carry an extensive line of BPA-free and Phenol-free thermal rolls in many sizes, colors, and quantities so you can provide your customers with safe receipts that they can feel good about taking with them.

Want to print your logo or other branding on BPA-free receipt paper rolls? Learn more about Custom Printed Thermal Paper here.

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