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Thermal Paper: Is It Recyclable?

Because Thermal Receipt Paper may contain BPA and phenol chemicals, customers often ask if it can be recycled. The answer, in most cases, is yes.

Recent changes in the chemical composition of Thermal Receipt Paper have made the material more environmentally-friendly and safer to handle. All of POS Supply’s Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls are now BPA-Free, and we also offer Phenol-Free Thermal Paper (BPA free & BPS free) options in many sizes, colors and quantities. Additionally, the cores of all our non-phenol paper rolls are made up of recycled materials.

The paper can be recycled in the "mixed office paper" category of local recycling streams if your town offers that. It doesn't need any special handling for waste disposal unless otherwise noted by local ordinances. You should, however, not use it within the general recycling stream or in home/community composting.

That being said, there are forms of Thermal Paper that shouldn’t be recycled, so we recommend that you check with your town or local recycler first to see if the material is accepted.

Keep an eye out for more tips on our blog on how to reduce your credit card terminal's environmental impact.

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