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Blog - Thermal Paper: Ways to Reduce Your Usage

Looking for ways to use less Thermal Paper? Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of waste from thermal receipt printers.

1. Ask your customers if they want a receipt - while you may need to print a receipt for your own accounting purposes, not all customers want a copy of their receipt.

2. The reverse of this is to develop a system that no longer need to print off the merchant copy of a receipt.

3. Reduce the length of your receipt. A number of terminals can be programmed to reduce margins, font, etc. so that that your printed receipt is shorter than typical. We also have some options to help you do this:​

4. Two sided thermal paper rolls can be very useful to reduce the length of the receipt itself. By printing an itemized receipt on one side and then any disclaimers or shop/restaurant information on the back of the receipt, you can shorten the length per customer. Not only does this eliminate the amount of waste, but it can also save you money.

5. Custom print disclaimers and promotional messages like coupons and logos on the back of your receipt you can have a lasting branded message that doesn’t interfere with the actual receipt. The upside of this is of course the fact that your receipt can be shorter which eliminates waste.

We hope these ideas will help in your conservation efforts!

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