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3" x 150' White 1-Ply Bond Paper Rolls (50 Rolls)

Item #: B300-150
Weight: 22 lb
Availability:In Stock (Will ship tomorrow, June 22, 2024)

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Our 3” x 150’ 1-ply bond paper rolls are always in stock and available for immediate shipment. This is the perfect paper for a clover point-of-sale receipt printer, kitchen printer, or other impact printers at your restaurant, hotel, retail store - or any other business. The 3” x 150’ 1-ply white bond paper roll is our best-selling bond roll paper and the most common size paper roll used in impact printers. Don't settle for less than top-quality; our paper is lint-free, resulting in fewer paper jams. Expect super fast delivery from one of our six warehouses across the country that stock this item.

3" X 150' White Bond Receipt Roll Paper, 50 rolls/case

  • Roll Width: 3 inches (76mm)
  • Roll Diameter: 2 7/8 inches (73mm)
  • Length: 150 feet (45.7m)
  • BPA Free (Contains no Bisphenol A)
  • Core Size: 7/16” (11mm) ID & 7/8" (22mm) OD
  • Lint-Free paper to reduce printer jams
  • End of paper roll warning stripe
  • In Stock in our MA, PA, IL, FL, TX and CA warehouses for same day shipping with Fast & Free Delivery

Compatible Item / Product Numbers: 9078-0087, ZB3150B, ZB3150, 3504, 35041, A7-1031, 1013, 112-702, 12-105, 15016, 05479, 7055S, 19550B, 50p31, 3508, POS-SP76L, 845919, GB3-150, P17-007N, P17-007, 7055SB

All of our 3” x 150’ white bond paper rolls are BPA free and meet all impact printer manufacturers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements. This includes the Epson TM-U220 and TM-U200 series impact printers, Bixolon SRP-275 series impact printers, Star SP700 series impact printers and many others (see the complete list on the Works With tab). Bond receipt paper rolls require ink cartridge printer ribbons. POS Supply carries a full line of ribbons including our most popular in the industry (Epson compatible R-ERC30).

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Works With

This 3” x 150’ White Bond Paper Roll fits:

  • Addmaster IJ-2000, Addmaster IJ-2040, Addmaster IJ-2050-POS, Addmaster IJ-3000, Addmaster IJ-3080-POS, Addmaster IJ-9000-POS, Addmaster MicrJET-POS, Addmaster MJ5000-POS
  • Axiohm A714
  • AZTPOS 220KC
  • Bixolon SRP-275, SRP-270, SRP-500
  • Citizen CBM-710, Citizen CBM-720, Citizen CBM-750, Citizen CD-S500, Citizen CD-S501, Citizen IDP-3410, Citizen IDP-3420, Citizen IDP-3421, Citizen IDP-3423, Citizen IDP-3530-F, Citizen IDP-3530-P, Citizen IDP-3535, Citizen IDP-3540-F, Citizen IDP-3540-P, Citizen IDP-3541-F, Citizen IDP-3545, Citizen IDP-3546, Citizen IDP-3550, Citizen IDP-3551, Citizen IDP-460; Citizen ICL 9516, Citizen 9518/200, Citizen 9520/50
  • Clover Kitchen Printer (Star Micronics SP742ML)
  • Datasym Datasym
  • DH Print 1400
  • EMCO/Wheaton EECO 1000
  • EPSON 260, M119, M265, RP265 Series, RP267, TM051, TM267, TM267II, TM270, TM300, ERC30, ERC34, ERC38, ITU200D, 270, 300D, M133A, M17-JB, M188B, M119, M119B, M199D, M270, M280, M52-JB, TM-267 II, TM-270, TM-300A, TM-300C, TM-300D, TM-U200B, TM-U200D, TM-U210A, TM-U210AR, TM-U210B, TM-U220 (M118b), TM-U220A, TM-U220B, TM-U220D, TM-U230, TM-U300, TMU-300A, TM-U300B, TM-U300C, TM-U300D, TM-U325, TM-U370, TM-U375, U300A, U300B, U300C, U300D, TM-U325, TM-U375, TM801, J2000 Series, J2100 Series
  • Fujitsu/ICL 7770, Fujitsu 7880, Fujitsu 7990, Fujitsu 8770, Fujitsu 9516, Fujitsu 9520/150, Fujitsu 9520/50, Fujitsu 9620, Fujitsu Atrium BAR200
  • Gascard 780
  • Hypercom P740, Hypercom P8, Hypercom T77F
  • IBM 4651, 4655, IBM 4659
  • Ithaca Bankjet 1500, Ithaca 90 Plus Series, Ithaca Per. PcOS 150, Ithaca PcOS 151, Ithaca PcOS 152, Ithaca PcOS 153, Ithaca 1000 POSjet Series, Ithaca 1500 POSjet Series
  • MICROS PR282, MICROS Heavy Duty Kitchen, Micros PR344, Micros 1700, Micros 2000, Micros 2400, Micros 2700, Micros TM-U200B, Micros TM-U300, Micros 4000
  • National Semiconductor Rec. for Olivetti Printer
  • NCR 2061-5400, 2173, 7161, 7445-100X
  • Norand NP105
  • OKI Data OKIPOS 441/441J, PH 640
  • Omniprint OM220, OM200, OM190, OM100
  • Omron CAT050, RP25, Omron RP55 Remote Printer, Omron RS25, Omron RS4010C, Omron RS8000C, Omron RS8010C, Omron RS8020C, Omron RS8030C, Omron RS8040C
  • Panasonic 2700, Panasonic 660RM, Panasonic JS650 Remote Printer, Panasonic JS6500, Panasonic JS7500, Panasonic JS8000, Panasonic JS800RM, Panasonic P100WP
  • POS-X XR200 impact receipt printer, POS-X XR201 impact receipt printer, POS-X XR210 impact receipt printer, POS-X EVO Impact Printer
  • Rongta RP76II, RP76III
  • Samsung SRP-100, Samsung SRP 270
  • Sharp ZL6100
  • SNBC BTP-M280B, BTP-M300
  • Square Kitchen Printer (Star SP742)
  • STAR MP200 Series, Star MP300 Series (User adjustable SP200 Series & SP300 Series from 3" to 3.25")SP200 Series, Star SP300 Series, Star SP500, Star SP700 (37999290), Star SP2000 Series, Star UP389, Star SP742ML
  • Team Sable TR-M300-E
  • Sweda EJP400, Sweda ERC4450, Sweda 3428, Sweda Ser. L50 Consolidated
  • Teknika SP7500 Kitchen Printer
  • Toast Kitchen Printer (TKP300, TM-U220)
  • Tokheim 176, Tokheim 179P, Tokheim 200
  • Triton 9500, Triton 9515
  • Tysso PRP-076C
  • Verifone Omni 480, Verifone Printer 220, Verifone Printer 250, Verifone Printer 900
  • And many more!

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Q: Does this paper roll come in other colors?

A: Yes, we offer 3" x 150' Blue 1-Ply Bond Paper Rolls.

Q: Will these work in a thermal printer?

A: No, bond paper rolls only work in impact printers, also known as dot matrix or kitchen printers. You will need ink ribbons to print on bond paper rolls. Check out our Printer Ribbon options here.

Q: Is there a longer 1-ply bond roll I can use?

A: Yes, our 3" x 165' Bond Paper Rolls are compatible with most impact printers including the Epson TM-U220, Bixolon SRP-275, Star SP700 and others.

Q: Can I add custom graphics or logos on these rolls?

A: Yes, we can customize any POS receipt paper roll with your company logo, service and return policies, coupons and promotions, and more branding. Learn more about Custom Printed Paper Rolls!