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ERC-30/34/38 Cartridge Ribbon, 12 Ribbons/Box

Item #: R-ERC30
Weight: 1.05 lb
Availability:In Stock(Expected to ship on June 24, 2024)

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Epson compatible ERC 30/34/38 printer ribbons (12-pack) are perfect for point-of-sale receipt printers, kitchen printers, credit card printers, or impact printers at restaurants, hotels, retail stores, or any other business. The Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 cartridge ribbon is our top-selling cartridge ink ribbon and the most common cartridge ink ribbon used in impact printers. The ERC 30/34/38 cartridge ribbons come in 3 color options: Black/Red, Purple, and Black.

Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 Cartridge Ribbons, 12 Ribbons/Box, Black/Red, Purple, and Black

  • Each Ribbon is individually sealed in plastic
  • Packaged 12 ribbons per box
  • Long Life High Density Nylon
  • Guaranteed to Meet and/or Exceed Manufacturer (OEM) Specifications
  • ½” x 5.5 YDS Nylon Specifications
  • In stock in our MA, PA, IL, FL, TX and CA warehouses for same day shipping with Fast & Free Delivery

Compatible Item / Product Numbers: R918, R918-BR, R918-B, R918-P, R-ERC30-BR, R-ERC30-B, R-ERC30-P, ERC30/34/38, 40175br,123550, 900457, POS-SR40CR, Black - C43S015374, Purple - C43S01375, Black/Red - C43S015376, 918-BR, POS-SR40CR, POS-SR30P, SR 20, 2433-95r96, 4017521, 03360, ep30r, RC30B, EPS-ERC-38BR, ERC-38 (B/R), ERC-38BR, EPS-ERC-38B, ERC-38 (B), ERC-38B

All of our Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 ink cartridge ribbons meet all impact printer manufacturers' (OEM) requirements. This includes popular impact POS printers like the Epson TM-U220 and Epson TM-U200 - as well as the Bixolon SRP-275 series impact printers. See the complete list on the "Works With" tab.

ERC 30/34/38 ink cartridge ribbons are used to print on 1-ply bond receipt paper rolls, 2-ply carbonless receipt paper rolls and 3-ply carbonless receipt roll paper.

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Works With

This Epson Compatible ERC-30/34/38 printer ribbon fits:

  • NCR 7455 Printer
  • Anker Data Systems 40.0068, 40.2064
  • Bixolon SRP-275
  • BMC International CR280
  • Datamega DPN-2700, Datamega TM-U370, Datamega TM-U375
  • EPSON ERC30, ERC34, ERC38, ITU200D, 270, 300D, M133A, M17-JB, M188B, M119, M119B, M119D, M270, M280, M52-JB, TM-267 II, TM-270, TM-300A, TM-300C, TM-300D, TM-U200B, TM-U200D, TM-U210A, TM-U210AR, TM-U210B, TM-U220 (M118b), TM-U220A, TM-U220B, TM-U220D, TM-U230, TM-U300, TMU-300A, TM-U300B, TM-U300C, TM-U300D, TM-U325, TM-U370, TM-U375, U300A, U300B, U300C, U300D Item #: A-51505A
  • Kingtron CL Series
  • MICROS 1200W, Micros 1300W MAIN, Micros 1320W MAIN, Micros 1370W MAIN, Micros 1390W MAIN, Micros 1700 MAIN, Micros 2415W MAIN, Micros 2700, Micros 400-344 MAIN, Micros 4000W, Micros 4300-395 MAIN, Micros TM-300D, Micros TM-U200B, Micros TM-U200D, Micros TM-U210B, Micros TM-U300, Micros TM-U325, Micros TM-U370, Micros TM-U375
  • Nikko NK-400
  • Norand 4810
  • Omni TM300, Omni TMU200, Omini TMU375
  • Panasonic JS-7000 MAIN, Panasonic JS-7500 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-8000 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-9000, Panasonic PM300, Panasonic PM308
  • POS-X EVO Impact Printer
  • Samsung SRP270
  • Sanyo/Check-a-Tron 590, 595
  • Sharp ER-2975, ER-3210
  • Siemens 70 BEETLE PRINTER, BEETLE 70
  • SNBC BTP-M280B, BTP-M300
  • Team Sable TR-M300-E
  • TEC RE-2000, TEC RE-2500, TEC RE-3000, TEC RE-3500
  • Toast Kitchen Printer (TKP300, TM-U220)
  • Towa/TCA/Konic ET 1420, Towa RI
  • And many more!

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Q: What colors can I print with these ribbons?

A: You can select from Black, Black and Red, or Purple options.

Q: Do these work with thermal printers?

A: No, ink cartridge ribbons are used to print on 1-ply bond receipt paper rolls, 2-ply carbonless receipt paper rolls and 3-ply carbonless receipt roll paper.

Q: How do I install a printer ribbon?

A: For a full tutorial on installing printer ribbons and bond/carbonless paper into an impact printer, check out our video.

Q: How do I troubleshoot common printer issues like paper jams with carbonless paper rolls?

A: Check out our video for tips on how to troubleshoot your impact or kitchen printer.