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Maximize Brand Visibility with Custom Printed Paper Rolls

Have you discovered what Custom Printed Thermal Paper Rolls can do to boost your business? Putting a company logo on your cash register receipts is a simple and professional way to extend brand awareness beyond the point of sale. POS Supply Solutions has a team that specializes in helping you turn receipts into your own mobile sales army. If you can dream it, we can print it and deliver it to you - fast.

Adding items as simple as your business phone number, address, or website provides a simple and effective way to keep your business visible to your customers, 24/7. Other common ideas include custom paper rolls with your company logo, promotions, coupons, QR codes, returns / exchange policy, or revenue generating advertisements. And custom printing is not just limited to thermal rolls - it applies to Bond paper rolls and other point of sale paper products as well.

The most common custom printed receipts paper rolls are 3 1/8" Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls, but we can customize and print on a wide range of paper roll sizes including 2 1/4" and in lengths to meet your specifications. From register receipts to ATM receipts, from mobile printers to gas station pumps - no matter the application, we can help you design a custom printed receipt solution for your business.

Custom Print Paper Rolls Ideas

Custom Print Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls from POS Supply allow you to extend your brand exposure or add a touch of service. Here are just a few examples of what you can print on the front or back of your receipts:

  • Company Logo / Tagline
  • Service & Return Policies
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • 3rd Party Advertisements
  • And much more!

Worried About Budget?

We can produce custom designs on as few as 250 rolls (5 cases). For those needing larger quantities (10, 15, 25, 50 or 100+ cases) we offer aggressive volume discounts. For more information, call our Custom Print Info line: 866-411-9798.

Your Time is Valuable.

Be assured that your inquiry will be attended to quickly, within 1 business day during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30am-5:30pm ET) - usually in an hour or less. We’ll help you select the right product, give you clear step-by-step feedback, facilitate artwork and design proofs, and follow through on the details to assure your custom printed paper rolls are completed accurately and delivered as promised.

Our helpful and experienced team will walk you through the process, provide "best practice" insights, and keep it simple. We offer 1-color, 2-color and vivid 4-color process printing options to make your message stand out from the crowd. We have low minimums, provide free proofs, and have the fastest, most reliable turnaround times in the industry. We are industry-best when it comes to delivering what you need with the utmost responsiveness and professionalism.

Custom Print Paper Rolls - How to Get Started

We are your Point of Sale Custom Printing Experts - and we are ready to help! To get started, either Fill Out The Form Above or Call 866-411-9798.

No matter how you reach out, one of our dedicated Specialists will contact you to follow up and turn your Custom Printed ideas into a reality. The four key pieces of information we'll need to know include:

  • Paper Roll Size or Your Printer Make/Model
  • Desired Quantity
  • Print Direction & Design
  • 1 or 2 Colors, or Full 4-Color Process

For more details, check out our own Peter Biondi in this short video covering the basics. We look forward to hearing from you, and putting your register rolls to work!


Discover Other Specialty Custom Printed Rolls

Custom Printed ATM Paper Rolls

POS Supply Solutions offers custom printing on ATM rolls for customers that want to place additional information on the back of the receipt paper. Common custom options for ATM Paper Rolls are account/user policies, bank logos, discount coupons for second mortgages, and revenue producing advertisements from local retailers.

Custom Printed Kiosk Paper Rolls

POS Supply Solutions is a leading supplier of plain and custom printed Kiosk rolls for all of today's modern kiosk applications. We carry a wide variety of base paper stock and converting supplies which enables us to custom manufacture kiosk rolls in any size and in various packaging quantities to meet the specific requirements needed. We offer custom printing as well to add policies, promotions or other advertisements.

Custom Printed Parking Tickets and Pay & Display Paper Rolls

POS Supply Solutions custom printed thermal parking, public safety and transit ticket rolls (receipt rolls) are designed to function in extreme environments and can be customized with audit controls and anti-counterfeit features. Mission-critical and transactional parking media include Mobile (handheld) tickets and receipts, E-citations, Pay station (pay-on-foot) receipts, Pay-and-Display receipts and many more.

Custom Printed Security & Gaming Rolls

Security receipt paper rolls are a simple and affordable addition to loss prevention programs. POS Supply Solutions offers specailly custom printed Sports Booking Rolls, TITO Tickets, Keno Rolls, Kiosk Rolls, and Receipts for retailers, casinos, gaming, lottery and other Point of Sale applications

Custom Printed Ticket & Citation Rolls For Mobile Printers

POS Supply Solutions offers stock and custom paper rolls, tickets and citations for your mobile printer paper. We can add a full-color logo, watermark, terms and conditions, promotions, coupons and text to the front or back of your receipt paper roll.

Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls

We offer custom thermal ticket rolls for your POS printer, automated box office printer or admission system printer. These custom printed ticket rolls are used in theaters, cinemas, box offices, and other admission applications. We can also design and produce thermal ticket rolls for any event including movie tickets, theater tickets, sporting event tickets, festival tickets, museum tickets and others.

Custom Printed Brother PocketJet Paper

POS Supply Solutions can customize your 8 1/2 x 11 Brother PocketJet mobile printer paper with different materials and pre-printed colors. We can add a full-color logo, watermark, terms and conditions, promotions, coupons and text to the front or back of your Brother PocketJet thermal paper rolls or sheets.

Custom Printed Cannabis Labels & Paper Rolls

We can custom print on any thermal paper rolls and labels for your Marijuana Dispensary. Add your logo, website, QR codes, and pertinent information to show that you are in compliance with local laws. We can also provide custom cannabis labels that are tamper proof and child-proof.

Custom Printed Food Service Tamper Proof Labels

Our Tamper-Proof Labels securely seal your restaurant's to-go orders and food and drink containers, and provide added quality control by leaving evidence if the label has been removed or repositioned. We can customize any seal labels with color, logos, your website, promotions, QR codes, surveys and more to maximize your branding and enhance customer satisfaction.

Custom Printed Thermal Barcode Labels

POS Supply Solutions is your complete source for custom direct thermal and thermal transfer labeling needs. We help design custom labels to meet each customer's specific requirements. Labels can be made with custom sizes, shapes, materials, colors, perforations and adhesives.

Custom Printed Zebra Labels

Whether you need direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels, we can help design the perfect custom labels for your Zebra printer. Labels can be made with custom sizes, shapes, materials, colors, perforations and adhesives to meet your business’s needs and your specific Zebra label printer.

Custom Printed Mobile Printer Labels

We can help design the perfect custom labels for your thermal mobile printer to meet your business’s specific needs. Labels can be made with custom sizes, shapes, materials, colors, perforations and adhesives. Custom case packaging, case labeling, or unique shipping requirements are just a few of the special services we can provide.

Custom Printed Healthcare / Medical Labels

Whether it’s a doctor’s office, laboratory, or emergency room, we can create customized healthcare labels for dozens of applications. Pre-print logos, reminders, patient instructions and more to ensure proper provider communications and compliance.

Custom Printed GHS Labels

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is a system to standardize the way hazardous materials are classified and labelled. We can customize any thermal label with the universal pictograms & more to identify if a material flammable, toxic, corrosive, etc.

Custom Printed Weigh Scale Labels

POS Supply Solutions offers both stock and custom weigh scale labels ideal for grocery stores, meat markets, dispensaries and other food retailers. Compatible with top weigh scale brands such as Bizerba, Cas, DIGI, Hobart, Ishida, and Mettler Toledo, our thermal scale labels can be pre-printed with logos, ingredient lists, safety information, and pricing details.

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