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Thermal Paper: Three Place to Never Store Rolls

Nobody likes wasting money. Storing your thermal paper rolls improperly is the same as throwing money down the drain. And who wants to do that? Here are three places that you should NOT be storing them:

1. Keep thermal paper out of your car!

There are two real reasons why you would want to keep your thermal receipt rolls out of your car: heat and sunlight. Optimal temperature for storing thermal paper is below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are leaving an open box of thermal paper in your car in direct sunlight, the paper will fade or turn grey, even black, from the heat.

2. Thermal Paper should avoid the walk-in cooler!

Optimal humidity for storing thermal paper is between 45% and 65%. A walk-in cooler, depending on use, can have a much higher or inconsistent humidity due to temperature fluctuations. This humidity can cause your paper to get damp and cause paper jams.

3. Don’t put your paper rolls in the kitchen!

Storing rolls in your kitchen around open flames or ovens is generally a bad idea. Overlooking the fact that paper and flames are always a bad idea, the heat will act similar to sun exposure and start turning your paper gray or black. That is why kitchens use bond or carbonless papers to print orders.

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