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Thermal Paper: Super Saver Rolls are A Game of Inches

We compared our popular thermal paper rolls, the 3⅛" x 220' and compared it against our Super Saver 3⅛" x 301' rolls. For comparison, we took the price of a 50 roll/case order.

 Standard RollSuper Saver Roll



At first glimpse, we can see why you’d automatically go for the standard 220 foot roll. It’s cheaper by the case.

 Standard Roll

Super Saver Roll

Inches Per Roll


Inches Per Case132,000180,600

Hang on a minute, this second look shows just how many inches we stand to gain by going with the Super Saver Thermal over the Standard 220’’.

 Standard RollSuper Saver Roll
Cost Per Inch$0.026$0.024
Cost Per Yard$0.93$0.89

It’s the third look in this game of inches looks like both aren’t evenly matched! All of a sudden the tides have turned and there is a serious chance that the Super Saver Roll can convert.

Now that we’ve broken down the defense and taken the lead, the fourth and final blow is the time and headaches a longer thermal paper roll can save. Let’s say for the sake of argument that your standard receipt length is 12 inches and you run through 100 receipts per day. Let’s take a look at the playing field.

 Standard RollSuper Saver Roll
Receipts Per Roll220


Receipts Per Case11,00015,050
Weeks Until Reorder15.521

There you have it, the final play.

You gain an extra 6 or more weeks by grabbing the Super Saver Roll over the Standard 220 foot thermal paper rolls PLUS you save on each roll. Think about the money and months of headaches you save yourself over the course of a year . Then it becomes a bit of a no brainer.

We’re on your team, and “On this team, we fight for that inch…!”

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