InkJet Cartridges

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HP C6602R RED Inkjet Cartridge
$21.95 As Low As $20.19
HP C6602A BLACK Inkjet Cartridges
$19.95 As Low As $18.35
HP C6602B BLUE Inkjet Cartridge
$22.95 As Low As $21.11
HP 51604A Eclipse InkJet Cartridge, Black Ink
$16.95 As Low As $15.59

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  • “Impressive that a paper supply company goes above and beyond to create a product that raises awareness and donates ALL proceeds to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. We applaud POS Supply and we LOVE the paper!”

    - Anonymous Customer

  • “Every product we order from POS Supply is always top-quality, and this was no exception. When we switched to a new model cc terminal, they recommended these 55' rolls and they are PERFECT!”

    - Anonymous Customer

  • “All worked out just fine, quick reliable service and inexpensive to boot.”

    - Richard S.

  • “It will not fit their calculators. Is it returnable?”

    - Patrice F.

  • “Quality American made ribbons at a very reasonable price. Thank you.”

    - Max B.