Grocery Store & Supermarket Industry Solutions

POS Supply Solutions has all the Point of Sale supplies you need to keep your Grocery Store or Food Market running smoothly.

If you are a grocer or food store manager, we know that you have a lot on your plate. Between managing a high volume of goods, making sure that your customers have a great shopping experience, and processing payments fast, there is a lot that can impact your productivity and customer satisfaction. Shoppers rely on your store every week to get their food and groceries as well as other essential supplies, like pharmacy items and medicine, so it is critical that you have the right Point of Sale tools to meet those needs. That is why we only sell premium grade Register Rolls, Weigh Scale Labels, Self Checkout Paper Rolls, Cleaning Cards and other high quality POS supplies that allow for cost savings, minimal downtime, and increased operational efficiency.

Point of Sale Paper Rolls

We carry a wide selection of Thermal Paper Rolls that prevent jamming, extend print head life, and produce better image quality - allowing you to spend less time replacing receipt paper during busy shifts. Our Point of Sale Paper Rolls are certified for use with Epson, NCR, Toshiba, Star, Citizen and other Grocery Store Thermal Printers.

Shop our popular 3 1/8" Thermal Paper Rolls, perfect for grocery store POS receipt printers and our 2 1/4" Thermal Paper Rolls, great for credit card terminals, cash registers, and POS printers, as well as mobile/handheld printers. All of our thermal receipt rolls are BPA-Free, and we also stock Phenol-Free (BPA & BPS) options.

POS Device Cleaning

Keep your check out line moving quickly, and your cash registers working efficiently with our POS Device Cleaning Solutions. Designed to remove dirt and contaminants from POS Systems, our cleaning products can be used for POS Touch Screens, Card Readers, Scanners, Printers, Credit Card Terminals, Check Readers, Bill Acceptors and others. Regular use of our POS Device Cleaning Products can also prevent expensive maintenance and replacement costs and extend the life of your POS equipment.

Weigh Scale Labels

POS Supply Solutions carries a variety of Thermal Weigh Scale Labels for grocery stores, supermarkets, delis, meat markets, butcher shops, bakeries and more. We have Grocery Weigh Scale Labels for Hobart, CAS, Toledo, Bizerba, TEC and other weigh scales. Great for merchandising your products with detailed information including weight and expiration date, pricing, safety warnings, ingredients, cooking directions and other important messaging. We also offer Linerless Labels for Weigh Scales that eliminate liner waste, reduce checkout times, and contribute to eco-friendly practices.

Self Checkout Paper Rolls & Cleaning Supplies

These all-in-one stations offer a variety of bagging configurations, based on store volume, and include high-quality scanner/scales, touch screen displays, cash dispensers, card processing terminals, and integrated receipt printers. Our Self-Check Point of Sale Paper Rolls and Self-Check Kiosk Cleaning Supplies can be used on NCR, ELO, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and many other point of sale system hardware.

Custom Printed Receipts

With Custom Printed Thermal Paper Rolls from POS Supply, you can pre-print logos, coupons, surveys and more on the back of your receipt paper rolls. We can also customize ATM and kiosk receipt rolls with policies, promotions and other marketing. We offer free proofs, and have the fastest turnaround times in the industry! Learn more about the many benefits of Custom Printed Paper Rolls and how to get started.

Butcher Paper & Kraft Paper

We stock a variety of Kraft Packaging Paper Rolls and Butcher, Freezer & Table Paper Rolls for the packaging of deli meats, seafood, sandwiches and other food, as well as for wrapping flowers or gifts, crafting, table coverings, and many other uses.

Autoship & Save

Want to make sure that your store never runs out of receipt paper and other essential POS supplies? Auto Reorder from POS Supply is the easiest and most convenient way to manage automatic shipments of your orders. Plus, Auto Reorder customers get 5% off every order! Click on the “Add to Auto Reorder” button on any product page or from your cart to set up repeat deliveries, or learn more here .

We understand the food retail business - from giant supermarkets, to small corner stores - and we have the right POS solutions for you. Order today! We offer free, same-day shipping on most orders.