Credit Application

POS Supply Solutions wants to be a part of your business' success and we welcome applications for credit terms.

Approved accounts will be able to leverage their credit for both offline and online ordering. Please keep in mind that credit approval can take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on the responsiveness of your credit references. If your order is of an urgent nature, you may choose to pay by Credit Card until your account is approved and activated for purchase order processing.

To request Credit Terms with POS Supply Solutions, please complete the Trade Reference section of the application. You may submit a Corporate Trade Reference Sheet; however, you must sign and return the application at the bottom of the form that authorizes us to request credit information from your vendors and banking establishment. Please ensure that either an email or fax is provided for each trade reference.

Upon response from your references and review of information, you will be notified when your account has been approved. Please allow us adequate time to collect and review this information. A fully completed Credit Application will expedite the setup of your new account. Incomplete applications can lead to a delay in processing.

Our Accounting Team will diligently & respectfully follow up with your credit references in order to have your credit terms approved AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE - depending on the responsiveness of your references. We will alert you immediately upon approval, and have your account ready to accept new orders with a Purchase Order!

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