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What is Void Pantograph Technology?

What’s stopping a thief from scanning, printing and/or reprinting checks, gaming/lottery tickets or gift certificates to take advantage of your business? Simply put, it’s Void Pantograph Printing Technology.

This tamper-resistant technology prints a custom message like ‘VOID’ or ‘COPY’ or ‘INVALID’ onto the paper. When photocopied, scanned or printed, the low-pass filter reacts differently to the very small dark dots in a field of lighter dots. This filtering results in the appearance of the custom message. The message is invisible to the naked eye but once photocopied, scanned or reprinted, it appears (see picture to the right).

While there is no regulation on security paper (at least in the United States), the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) does create its own certified set of standards for companies using Void Pantograph Printing Technology. POS Supply Solutions only works with companies certified by NASPO in order to follow best practices in security risk management.

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