Qu / GUSTO POS Solutions Recommendations

Receipt Paper, ID Cards & Accessories for Qu POS Solutions

Qu, formerly known as Gusto, is a leading provider of Point of Sale solutions designed to help franchisors and multi-unit enterprises better manage their stores. They provide restaurant operators the tools they require to stay ahead of the competition by offering unparalleled data insights and security, reduced training and support cost, and open integration.

POS Supply Solutions provides Thermal, Bond and Carbonless Paper Rolls, Magnetic Employee ID Cards and ID Card Accessories to help keep your Qu Point of Sale products running smoothly.

Recommended Products

The following paper rolls are recommended for use with Qu / Gusto Point of Sale solutions:

3" X 150' White 1-Ply Bond Receipt Roll Paper (50 Rolls)

3" X 90' 2-Ply Carbonless Receipt Paper Rolls - White/Canary (50 Rolls)

2 1/4" X 50' Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls (50 Rolls)

3 1/8" X 230' Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls (50 Rolls)

Qu / Gusto Employee Magnetic ID Cards, 10 Cards/Pack

POS Supply Solutions has partnered with Qu to provide high quality employee ID cards for their point of sale systems. They are encoded for and guaranteed to work with your Qu POS products. ID cards are used with Qu POS Systems to sign-in managers, bartenders, and servers. These ID cards have a magnetic strip affixed to the back that can be swiped through a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader for the purpose of identifying the cardholder, and the privileges they have been assigned in the system.

Card Ski Zips, Metal, Retractable Badge Holders

These Retractable Metal Badge Holders (Card Ski Zips) are an affordable way to secure megnetic swipe cards - keeping them handy for wait-staff and managers.

Card Zips hook securely to a belt loop and have a fully retractable cord to make swiping mag cards quick and easy. These Card Zips are made with metal and are designed to hold up to day-to-day wear and tear.