Events & Entertainment Industry Solutions

We offer thermal ticket rolls and other Point of Sale supplies for cinemas, theaters, festivals, concerts, museums, arenas, amusement parks and many other events and venues in the Events & Entertainment Industry.

Thermal Ticket Rolls

POS Supply carries perforated thermal ticket roll products in the most common weights and designs to meet your needs, including movie tickets, theatre tickets, box office tickets, sporting event tickets, festival tickets, museum tickets and more. The most commonly ordered thermal theater ticket roll is the 3 1/8” Heavyweight Thermal Rolls with a green stripe and side vertical perforation, which comes in 160 ft length rolls (50 rolls per case).

Our thermal ticket rolls work in a variety of thermal printers, including Epson, Star, Citizen, Bixolon, BOCA, Practical Automation and many others. The thermal ticket rolls pair up nicely with many theater Point of Sale ticket software applications including Ready Theater Systems, Sensible Cinema, Show Clix, Jack Roe, Vendini, TicketPro Systems, Omniterm Data, Retriever Software, Titan Technology Group, and Vista Entertainment Solutions, to name a few.

Custom Thermal Ticket Rolls

For your admission printers, ticketing counters, self-service ticketing, mobile event ticketing and more, we can also design and produce Custom Printed Cinema & Event Ticket Rolls. They are available in a variety of lengths and widths as well as 2, 4 and spot color printing, with metallic and security inks. Security features are available on all of our ticket products.

Wristbands & Accessories

Our selection of Event & Entertainment Wristbands includes a wide variety of materials and colors for conventions, amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, sporting events or concerts. Shop for waterproof wristbands, single or multi day wristbands, Zebra Z-Bands, wristband clips, and more!

Cleaning Cards

In the Events & Entertainment business, fast transactions are everything. Our Cleaning Cards help keep your POS machines running smoothly so your guests can get their tickets faster, and move on to enjoying the show. Don’t let printer or card reader failures get in the way of your customers’ free time with friends! For higher customer satisfaction, less downtime and frustration for staff and guests, shop our Card Reader Cleaning Cards and other cleaning supplies.

Repeat Deliveries

To make sure your event space never runs out of ticket rolls or other essential POS supplies, sign up our Auto Reorder program! There are no commitments, obligations, or fees, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, subscribers get 5% off each recurring order! Click on the “Add to Auto Reorder” button on any product page or from your cart to set up automatic shipments, or learn more here .

We understand your business, and we have the right Point of Sale solutions for you. Order today! We guarantee free, same-day shipping on orders over $49, as well as prompt and professional response times.