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Semacon S-1450 Bank Grade Currency Counter, UV/MG CF w/ Dust Reduction System

Item #: F-S-1450
Weight: 16 lb
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Semacon S-1450 Bank Grade Currency Counter, UV/MG CF with Dust Reduction System

For medium to very high currency counting applications, the S-1450 is an ideal machine. It offers the flexibility of variable counting speeds (as fast as 1,500 notes per minute and as slow as 600 notes per minute) to ensure reliable counting regardless of the age and condition of the notes.  No matter how hard the money is earned, it’s easily counted with the S-1450 Currency Counter. Additional features include Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection screening functions and a dust reduction system to reduce air-blown particles.

Ease of Use

The S-1450’s control panel is one of the simplest to use in the industry. While easy to use, this bank grade counter maintains all of the sophisticated features that are both expected and demanded by heavy users such as banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Precision, Accuracy, & Reliable Counting

This counter is engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect "errors" including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc.  It ensures the most accurate total counts and is designed to offer years of trouble-free use.

NOTE: Error Detection

Other currency counters you may find may not include error detection features.  This means that you are not assured of an accurate count each time you count currency, which defeats the purpose of having a high speed counter.  Don't buy a currency counter without advanced error detection capabilities! The S-1450 Currency Counter includes error detection as a standard feature.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

The S-1450 includes the Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection screening functions.

High Speed

Why waste hours of time counting currency when this task can be reduced to a mere fraction of the time? The S-1450 Currency Counter offers the flexibility of variable counting speeds as fast as 1,500 notes per minute and as slow as 600 notes per minute. With this wide range of operating speeds, the S-1450 can efficiently and reliably process notes of all conditions, ranging from very worn to brand new. Plus, the slow speeds enable the operator to inspect for “out of place” denominations. Now, what was taking hours of time can be reduced to minutes.

Optional External Display

The external display allows easy viewing in situations where there is a party supervising the counting. This is a very popular option for bank merchant tellers because it allows their customers to supervise the counting process. It’s also a popular option for situations where a fellow employee is supervising.

Dust Reduction Technology

This system is designed to reduce air-blown particles and decrease the health risks associated with counting money.

Dust Cover

Each unit includes a protective storage cover to keep dust off the counter in between uses.

Size Detection

The S-1450 Currency Counter offers size detection capabilities which distinguish smaller dimension bank notes within a bundle.  This feature provides denomination detection for countries where currency size varies among the different denominations.

Agitation System

The S-1450 Currency Counter includes an agitation system that vibrates at high speeds, designed to ruffle and break up the banknotes. The agitator helps to prevent multiple notes from sticking together as the notes pass through the counter. This works to ensure the most accurate count possible by reducing the number of double notes and chain notes. This feature is especially desirable in medium to high use environments.


Height 10” (255mm) x Width 10.5” (270mm) x Depth 10” (255mm)


13 lbs/unit (6 kg)

Feed System

Friction Roller System

Counting Speed

600 to 1,500 pieces/minute (approx.)

Hopper Capacity

250-300 Notes (approx.)

Stacker Capacity

200 Notes (approx.)

Countable NoteSize Range

50 x 90  ~ 100 x 185 mm


Counting, adding, batching


Remembers previous settings

Error Detection

Detects doubles, half notes, and chain notes

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection

Special Feature

Dust Reduction System

Size Detection

Included (used for foreign currencies where denomination values vary in size)

Power Source

Switchable: 110 VAC / 60 Hz or 220 VAC / 50 Hz

Optional Accessories

External display

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