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Epson ERC-23 (B/R) Black/Red Cartridge Ribbon

Item #: EPS-ERC-23BR
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Genuine Epson ERC-23 cartridge ribbons have been manufactured to exact specifications to ensure you get the quality and reliability you need. Epson ribbons are the perfect ribbon for a variety of Epson M-250/260/280 TM-270 Series/ RP-267 and other impact printers.

Genuine Epson ERC-23 Black/Red Ink Cartridge Ribbons

  • Genuine EPSON Branded Ribbon
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Each Ribbon is individually sealed and packaged in an Epson box
  • Epson Part Numbers: C43S0153862, ERC-23 (B/R)
  • Ribbon also offered in a more cost effective generic compatible: R-ERC23

All of our Epson ink cartridge ribbons meet all impact printer manufacturers (OEM) requirements. This includes popular impact POS printers like the Epson M-250/260/280 TM-270 Series/ RP-267. (See the complete list on the 'Works With' tab).

Ink cartridge ribbons are used to print on 1-ply bond receipt paper rolls, 2-ply carbonless receipt paper rolls and 3-ply carbonless receipt roll paper.

Works With

This Epson Brand ERC-23 ribbon fits the following impact printers:

  • Axiohm A714
  • Canon TX 50 III Data Techno DT-R 260 Datamega DPN-2369, Datamega DPN-2600, Datamega DPN-2604, Datamega DPN-2610, Datamega DPN-2620, Datamega DPN-2621, Datamega DPN-2639, Datamega DPN-2650, Datamega DPN-2671, Datamega DPN-2690, Datamega TM-300
  • DED D174
  • DH Tech DH 1400
  • Epson 250, Epson 252, Epson 255, Epson 257, Epson 260, Epson 262, Epson 264, Epson 265, Epson 267, Epson 270, Epson 280, Epson 280A, Epson 280V, Epson 300D, Epson ERC-23, Epson M 17-JB, Epson M 250, Epson M 252, Epson M 255, Epson M 257, Epson M 260, Epson M 262, Epson M 264, Epson M 265, Epson M 267, Epson M 270, Epson M 280, Epson M 280A, Epson M 280V, Epson RP-265, Epson TM-267A, Epson TM-267B, Epson TM-267C, Epson TM-267D, Epson TM-267II, Epson TM-270, Epson TM-300A, Epson M-260 Series, Epson M-290 Series
  • Esper 875 remote ptr
  • Fuji Systems FZ-1134, Fuji Systems FZ-2144
  • IBM 4651, IBM 4655, IBM 4661
  • IPC M173IP, IPC MPS-328, IPC PRT 267-081, IPC 270
  • Kingtron CL Series
  • Krone EFT Printer
  • Micros 1200W, Micros 1700 , Micros 2700, Micros 4000W
  • Nabanco Accesspoint Printer
  • NCR 2170, NCR 2174, NCR 2190, NCR 7161, NCR 7445-100x, NCR 7454
  • Nixdorf ND 62
  • Norand 4810
  • Omniprint OM-100, Omniprint OM-200, Omniprint OM-265, Omniprint OPC-200
  • Panasonic 7000-P100, Panasonic JS-7000, Panasonic JS-8000, Panasonic P100WP, Panasonic PM300
  • Remanco Vision System Printer
  • Royal CMS-9160
  • Sanyo ECR 590, Sanyo ECR 595
  • Sharp ER-2975, Sharp ER-3210
  • Siemens 70 Beetle Printer
  • TEC RE-2000, TEC RE-2500, TEC RE-3000, TEC RE-3500
  • Tidel is1000, Tidel is6000
  • Towa ET 1420
  • Tripod DR0107 Triton 9500
  • Uniwell TP-420, Uniwell TP-422, Uniwell TP-522, Uniwell TP-722
  • Verifone Diamond Supersystem, Verifone Emerald Supersystem, Verifone Gemstone Line, Verifone P220, Verifone P250, Verifone P500, Verifone Sapphire Supersystem, Verifone Tranz 330
  • Woojin ADP-200, Woojin ADP-300, Woojin ADP-400
  • And many more!

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