Navigating California's Prop 65: The Importance of BPS-Free Thermal Receipt Paper

With California's new Prop 65 law now encompassing Bisphenol S (BPS) as a toxicant, businesses face a crucial need to reassess their practices. Starting December 2024, all shipments to California must either be Bisphenol-free (BPA and BPS) or labeled with a Proposition 65 Warning. This is where POS Supply Solutions steps in, offering a game-changing solution: BPA-free and BPS-free thermal receipt paper rolls.

Our Phenol-Free Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls are compliant with Prop 65, which isn't just a legal requirement for CA businesses — it's a commitment to the well-being of your customers and the environment. At POS Supply, we understand the importance of providing thermal receipt paper that not only meets legal standards but also exceeds expectations in terms of safety and eco-friendliness.

Understanding BPS in Thermal Paper

Let's delve into what Bisphenol S (BPS) is and why it's significant in thermal paper. BPS, like its counterpart BPA, is a chemical that has been used in the production of thermal paper. Its purpose is to act as a developer in the heat-sensitive coating, enabling the paper to produce the desired image when exposed to heat.

While BPS was heralded as a safer alternative to BPA, recent research has suggested that BPS may have similar endocrine-disrupting properties to BPA, which could lead to potential health risks.

Is there Bisphenol S in Thermal Receipts?

Many consumers are now questioning whether thermal receipt paper contains Bisphenol S. The answer is yes, in many cases. BPS is commonly used as a substitute for BPA in thermal paper production.

All of POS Supply Solutions’s thermal receipt paper rolls are already BPA-free. We also recognize the importance of providing alternatives to thermal paper that contain BPS. Our Phenol-Free Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls offer businesses a safer choice for their customers, ensuring compliance with CA’s new Prop 65 regulations while prioritizing health and environmental concerns.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond compliance. Our BPS-Free thermal receipt paper rolls are designed with sustainability in mind. They're completely recyclable; when disposed of, our paper decomposes cleanly, posing no harm to the environment. Additionally, the cores of these rolls are made of recycled materials, contributing to waste reduction and promoting a circular economy. This means businesses can reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing quality or functionality.

For business owners and managers, the decision to switch to BPA/BPS-free thermal receipt paper isn't just about compliance; it's about putting the health of customers and the environment first. By choosing our Phenol-Free Thermal Paper Rolls, you can demonstrate your business's commitment to safety, sustainability, and responsible business practices.

In a landscape where regulations evolve and environmental concerns are paramount, staying ahead of the curve is essential. With California's Prop 65 law now encompassing substances like BPS, businesses can't afford to overlook the significance of compliant and safe products. Join us in making a positive impact—one receipt at a time.