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Which Sneeze Guard Is Best For Your Business?

First you might be wondering, what exactly is a sneeze guard? Also known as “countertop shields,” “acrylic sneeze guards” or “plexiglass sneeze guards,” they are clear plastic dividers that can be used to mitigate the spread of contagious, airborne germs. They create a physical barrier that protects employees, customers, patients, students - anyone engaging in face to face interaction - from harmful viruses and germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing.

Before the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, you might not have heard of sneeze guards or thought that your business needed any. Today, they are an essential part of any safety and social distancing plan for high traffic areas like the Point of Sale. If you’re wondering where to buy sneeze guards for your business, POS Supply Solutions has got you covered.

Here are our options for countertop sneeze guards and our recommendations for your industry.


36" x 24" Medium Clear Countertop Sneeze Shield with Transaction Slot - Price: $79.95

This single pane shield is lightweight and easy to set up or move. It has a convenient transaction slot at the bottom, and would work well for Point of Sale stations, pickup counters, nail salons, student desks or customer service / reception desks. It does not have a base.


30" x 34" Countertop Sneeze Shield, Clear Acrylic with Stand - Price: $159.95

This sneeze guard is also great for the Point of Sale, customer service desks, and checkout / pickup counters. It is much more sturdy with a base and a stand that has a 6” clearance at the bottom for the transfer of items, papers, payment and other transactions.


These next three are the best sneeze guards out there. They are top-of-the-line and all made with heavy plexiglass and sturdy aluminum frames and include mounting hardware, so they won’t be easily tipped over. They are also fully collapsible and portable, and they come with a one year warranty.

32.25" x 29" Single Panel Clear Acrylic Countertop Shield - Price: $199.00

This single panel sneeze guard features a 6.5" high opening along the bottom of the partition for the transfer of items, papers, or payment for transactions. It is perfect for pharmacies, convenience stores, grocery stores, retail, and quick service restaurants and cafes.

6'6" x 3' Tri-Fold Clear Acrylic Countertop Shield - Price: $599.00

This tri-fold plexiglass shield includes panoramic protection with three panes, and an adjustable aluminum frame. It also has the option for a small opening at the bottom of the partition for the transfer of small items, papers, or payment, making it ideal for pharmacies, convenience stores, banks and more. It can either sit on risers to have the opening or it can sit flush against the countertop.

6'6" x 3' Tri-Fold Clear Acrylic Countertop Shield with Window - Price: $699.00

This tri-fold sneeze guard also has three panes and an adjustable frame, as well as a 8.25" x 13.75" delivery window in the center. It is a fantastic option for pharmacies, convenience stores, cafes, QSRs, banks and many other businesses that need to scan or exchange larger items safely.

While they are all at different price points and have their pros and cons, all of our sneeze guards are practical, functional, and safe. Barcodes can be scanned through the clear plastic and they can all be easily cleaned and sanitized. No matter which shield you choose, it will help you reduce the risk of virus spread and create peace of mind for your employees and customers during frequent person to person contact.

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