6 Ways to Increase Sales With Your Receipts

Use Point of Sale Receipts as a Marketing Tool

If you are looking for an affordable way to increase sales and encourage repeat business, look no further than your paper roll receipt. In the past, a point of sale (POS) receipt was simply used as a proof of purchase. Many POS terminals, POS printers, credit card terminals and cash registers now offer the capability to print custom messages on every receipt. This low cost tool makes it possible for you to market to your customers, every time they purchase from you.

There are two areas of the receipt that you can print a custom message: the header and the footer. Just printing the bare minimum is a missed opportunity to do some inexpensive and highly effective marketing.

Here are 6 ways a printed receipt can increase profitability:


A receipt is the perfect place for you to further promote your company. At a minimum, your website (if you have one) and logo should be included on every receipt. From there, the next step is to add a call to action. This is simply a reason for the customer to shop at your establishment again or visit your website. Receipt marketing is a simple way for you to stand out from the competition and build company recognition.

Coupon Offers

People are always looking for ways to cut costs and save money. Coupons are a great way for you to help customers save while bringing in business at the same time. Incentives like these can encourage customers to buy something that they may not have tried otherwise. Experiment with using a coupon to promote a new product or offer a BOGO or % off promotion.

Email Registration

Build your e-mail database by directing your customers to register on your website for an e-newsletter, special promotion or sale notification. This will allow you the ability to further communicate with the customer and stay in the forefront of their mind. As an incentive to register, try offering a discount or coupon for completing the sign-up process.

Advertise Specials

Specials are a great way to drive incremental revenue and increase guest frequency. Do you want to increase sales on Tuesdays, which is normally your slowest day of the week? Offer a special if they visit your location on that specific day. Try promoting a limited time offer on a new product to boost product visibility.

Promote Special Events

Increase awareness of your anniversary events, holiday promotions and clearance sales by adding information to the bottom of the receipt. Clear out excess inventory and previous season stock with the added foot traffic you will receive. You can go one step further by including a special coupon code that can be redeemed for added savings.

Survey Customers

Surveys not only drive customers to your website, they also provide important feedback. You will have very precise data on the participants which will help you better market to them in the future. By asking customers to complete a survey it also shows that you value their opinion. To thank them for completing the survey, the customer can be entered into a drawing or you can simply offer a discount off a future purchase.

Recruit Employees

If you are looking to hire new employees, why not advertise on your receipts? It’s an inexpensive way to inform your customers of opportunities to work for you. With the average cost to find and hire a new employee at $1,500 or more, this additional advertising method is certainly a money saver.

Now that you have some pointers on how you can market to your customers, you want to be sure that the customer sees the message. It is vital that you train your staff to point out the message by circling or highlighting it with a marker in order to increase read rates.

In addition to printing messages directly onto the receipt, you may also want to consider Custom Printed Receipt Paper Rolls. Your message can be printed in full color which has been shown in studies to increase customer retention. For more information, visit our Custom Printed Paper Rolls page.

Here are some other ways to increase your branding using sales receipts:

Using POS Receipts as a Marketing Tool

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