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Iconex Sticky Media Buying Guide

Find the Right Iconex Repositionable Thermal Labels For Your Needs

POS Supply Solutions carries a complete line of Iconex Sticky Media™ rolls for a variety of receipt labeling for food service and quick service restaurant (QSR) applications such as carry-out, delivery bags and drive-thru orders, as well as other labeling applications including warehousing and logistics.

Iconex Sticky Media combines two products in one: receipt paper and pressure-sensitive labels, providing a solution to efficiently identify and track goods with one thermal roll. These sticky back thermal paper rolls are BPA-free, food safe, and designed to stick and re-stick to most surfaces. Plus, the environmentally friendly liner-free design allows you to reduce paper waste.

Iconex labels come in a variety of sizes, adhesive patterns and strengths, and varying temperature yields. Because there are so many different options available, we have put together a breakdown of our Iconex sticky thermal roll offerings. We’ve also included application recommendations to help you choose the right products for your business.

Iconex Sticky Media Comparisons & Recommended Uses

Product SKU:Roll Width:Roll Length:Adhesive Strength:*Sense Marks:Drink Containers/CupsFood Cartons/BagsLogistics & WarehouseFreezerHeat Resistant
Lane Coated Standard - Single-edge adhesive patch pattern on standard thermal paper. Best for quick removal/repositioning.
ICON-9023-12331 1/2"270'StandardYesX
ICON-9023-18232 1/4"270'StandardYesXX
ICON-9023-12533 1/8"270'StandardYesX
Ultralite - 3/4 adhesive pattern on lightweight paper. Best for high volume printing.
ICON-9023-21501 1/2"375'StandardYesXX
ICON-9023-22443 1/8"375'StandardYesX
Full Tack - Full adhesive backing on standard thermal paper. Completely adheres to most containers.
ICON-9023-18731 1/2"270'StrongNoneXXX
ICON-9023-22432 1/4"170'StrongNoneXXXX
ICON-9023-22422 1/4"270'StrongNoneXXXX
ICON-9023-22403 1/8"270'StrongNoneXXX
Full Tack G2 - Full adhesive backing on lighter weight thermal paper. High volume, strong adhesion, and completely adheres to most containers.
ICON-9023-26272 1/4"350'StrongNoneXXXX
High Tack - Partial 2x strength adhesive on standard thermal paper. Adheres to kraft paper, plastic, styrofoam, corrugate, etc.
ICON-9023-12543 1/8"270'StrongestYesX
ICON-9023-25073 1/8"270'StrongestYesX
High Tack G2 - Partial 2x strength adhesive on lighter weight thermal paper. Adheres to kraft paper, plastic, styrofoam, corrugate, etc.
ICON-9023-26342 1/4"350'StrongestYesXX
Food Freshness (aka Extreme) - Full width adhesive backing on topcoated thermal paper. Designed for use in high temperature & freezer applications. Will adhere to most surfaces including wax/grease coating.
ICON-9023-00751 1/2"270'StrongestNoneXXXXX

*Adhesive strength determines how easily labels are to restick:

  • Standard - Easy to remove and restick; adheres less securely
  • Strong - Adheres more firmly than standard, but not completely; may be partially non-adhesive for removal/resticking
  • Strongest - Adheres completely; best for applications with less frequent removal/resticking

We hope that this is helpful, but please keep in mind that this is a general guide. Applications are not limited to these recommendations and can vary. If you have any questions, or can’t find what you are looking for, please reach out! We will be happy to walk you through the options to ensure you get the Iconex Sticky Media rolls that are right for your specific labeling needs.

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