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Global Supply Chain & Materials Challenges - Updates On Thermal Paper Anti-Dumping Petitions, Price Increases & More

POS Supply's Tamper-Proof Seal Labels Win Award For Innovative Food Packaging

POS Supply Solutions Celebrates 20 Years!

Customer Spotlight – Izzy’s Restaurant, Farm & Apiary

5 Reasons to Try Auto Reorder from POS Supply

Navigating Coronavirus / COVID-19

Read our blog posts about navigating your business through COVID-19 and helping you provide a high level of service and safety for your customers at the Point of Sale.

Pandemic Shipping Chaos: How to Reduce the Impact On Your Business

What is a Tamper-Evident Label for Foodservice?

Why Do I Need an EPA-Registered Disinfectant?

Which Sneeze Guard Is Best For Your Business?

How to Clean Your POS Equipment

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Updates

Global Thermal Paper Shortage Updates

NEW Update: Thermal Paper Supply Chains Hit by Coronavirus - March 2020

Global Thermal Paper Coaters Announce Price Increases - February 2020

Global Thermal Paper Shortage - September 2019

Thermal Receipt Paper: Everything You Need to Know!

Have questions about thermal paper? Our blog posts below will answer everything you need to know!

Global Thermal Paper Shortage Update

Thermal Paper: What is it?

Thermal Paper: An Overview of Components

Thermal Paper: The Benefits of Thermal Paper and Thermal Printing

Thermal Paper: Selecting the Right One For Your Application

Thermal Paper: Storage and Shelf Life Recommendations

Thermal Paper: Three Places to Never Store Rolls

Thermal Paper: Is It Recyclable?

Thermal Paper: Caliper and Basis Weight

Thermal Paper: Grades of Thermal Paper

Thermal Paper: Ways to Reduce Your Usage

Thermal Paper: What is Two-Sided Thermal Paper?

Thermal Paper: Paper Receipt Importance for Tax Preparation

Thermal Paper: Is My Thermal Printer Working Properly?

Thermal Paper: Is there BPA in Thermal Receipt Paper?

Thermal Paper: POS Supply’s Thermal Rolls Are BPA-Free!

Thermal Paper: What is Phenol-Free Paper?

Thermal Paper: Archivability

Replacing Thermal Paper Rolls In Your POS Receipt Printer

Troubleshooting Your Thermal Printers

Why Are My Thermal Receipts Not Printing Clearly?

Metric Conversion Chart

Ways To Increase Brand Awareness with Receipts

Here are some other ways to increase your branding using sales receipts:

Using POS Receipts as a Marketing Tool

Using Color on Receipts

Using Logos on Receipts

Using Coupons on Receipts

Using Surveys on Receipts

Using QR Codes on Receipts

Six Ways to Increase Sales with your Receipts

Five Reasons to Try Custom Printed Receipts

Manual Credit Card Imprinters - Why You Need Them

Credit Card Imprinters: Be a Hero and Save the Day

Credit Card Imprinters: The Ultimate Back-up Plan

Credit Card Imprinter Comparison Chart

POS Hardware Solutions

Hands on with Bixolon Thermal Printers

What does my Epson TM-H6000 Need?

Replacing Thermal Paper Rolls In Your POS Receipt Printer

Installing Printer Ribbons & Paper Rolls In Your POS Impact Printers

For more information on specific POS machines, see our POS Hardware Supplies Guide

Cleaning Products for POS Systems - Why They Are Important

How to Clean Your POS Equipment in the Era of COVID-19

Waffletechnology Helps Keep Your Business Running.

Cleaning Kits as Preventative Maintenance.

Hospitality Industry - Card Reader Cleaning Cards.

Why Use Technical Cleaning Cards?

Technical Cleaning Cards FAQ's

POS Industry Insights

Linerless Sticky Media Rolls for Toast POS Systems

What Is a POS Printer Buzzer?

Name Brand OEM vs. Compatible vs. Remanufactured Printer Toners

Which Sneeze Guard Is Best For Your Business?

5 Reasons to Try Custom Printed Receipts

How to Clean Your POS Equipment in the Era of COVID-19

Is Your Gas Station EMV Chip Ready?

5 Reasons to Try Auto Reorder from POS Supply

How POS Receipts Can Protect Your Marijuana Dispensary

Uber Eats Restaurants - Which Receipt Paper Rolls Do You Need?

What Is The Real Difference Between Kraft Paper And Butcher Paper?

What Is The Difference Between Direct Thermal And Thermal Transfer Labels?

Ways to Protect Your Business from Fraud

Fraud Detection and Prevention Tools

How Are Prescription Rolls Protected?

Is Your POS Terminal Ready for the EMV Liability Switch?

Security Receipt Paper Rolls Stop Counterfeiters in their Tracks

What is Void Pantograph Technology?

Our Partners & Their Products

We Value our Point of Supply Partnerships

Star Micronics Introduces Star YouTube Channel

VIDEO: We are a Member of the Zebra Partner Connect Program

Zebra Labels: Which One is Best for Your Needs

More Point of Sale Topics from the Experts at POS Supply

Appvion & Kanzaki Cancel Production of Certain Paper Grades (Including 2-Sided Thermal)

Thermal Paper Prices Are Going Up Again

Latest Thermal Paper Anti-Dumping Case Ruling with the DOC

Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

Label Material Supply Chain Distrupted By Severe Winter Weather

8-12% Thermal Paper Price Increases from Hansol, Koehler, Lecta & Domtar Announced

Global Thermal Paper Price Increases Announced by Hansol & Torraspapel-Lecta

Domtar & Appvion File Anti-Dumping Petitions on Thermal Paper in the USA

5 Reasons to Try Auto Reorder from POS Supply

3 Secrets of Successful MultiChannel Companies

What is an AVS error?

Check Clearing for the 21st Century

Custom Printed Roll Methods

International Hazardous Chemical Label Act

Jewelry Tags and Labels for Retailers

Larger Point of Sale Rolls Save money!

Mobile Printers are Everywhere

Roll Paper Measuring Standards

Metric Conversion Chart

Should you offer Gift Cards?

How Do You Know When It's Time To Replace Your POS Paper Roll?

What Is The Difference Between Direct Thermal And Thermal Transfer Labels?

Brother PocketJet Printer Paper - FAQs