BPA-Free Thermal Paper Rolls

Concerned with the Health Impact of Thermal Paper - go BPA Free.

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BPA-Free Thermal Paper Rolls

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POS Supply Solutions realizes that the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in thermal paper is a concern to some of our customers. POS Supply Solutions makes no claims regarding the safety of BPA, leaving this to the EPA and NIH, which to date claim the lack of creditable evidence of risk to human health. Nonetheless, POS Supply Solutions has three action plans to address the concerns regarding BPA. The first is to monitor the ongoing studies and scientific debate on BPA. The second is to work with vendors from whom we purchase thermal grades containing BPA to assist them in finding alternatives to BPA. The third is to respond to our customer’s requests for BPA-Free product - Below is a selection of Thermal Paper Rolls that are BPA-Free. Read More...