POS Supply Promotions

Throughout the year, POS Supply Solutions publishes discounts to reward our customers so that they can take advantage of ordering early or stocking up on supplies to make it throug a seasonal rush. Here is a look at our current promotions. 


First Time Customers: Welcome to POS Supply Solutions. We're happy to serve you and want to make sure you have everything you need for your business. By signing up for our email (at the bottom of every page), you will receive our welcome discount. 

Discount: 10%

Details: One Time Use

How to use: Sign up for our email at the bottom of this page and then use the promo code at checkout.




Automatic Reorder: Sign up for automatic reorder and receive a 5% discount on EVERY order, plus you don't need to ever think about the product, we will ship it automatically. Find out more about our POS Supply Automatic Reorder Program and call 888-431-5800 to begin. 

Discount: 5%

Details: Every order placed automatically

How to use: Call 888-431-5800 to sign up today.