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Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card

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Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card

Weight: .56 lb

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Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15 cards/box

Panini Waffletechnology Check Scanner Cleaning Cards are designed to clean the Panini My Vision X® Check Scanners. Use of this card will remove built on contaminants such as ink and dirt that collect on the optical lenses. These optic lenses allow the imaged check to become a legal document for check clearing as stated in the Check 21 law. In addition, it will also clean the magnetic heads and the transport roller mechanisms that allow the check to pass through the scanner.

  • Card size: 4.25” X 7.25”
  • Quantity: 15 cards/box
  • Approved by Panini
  • Removes all dirt, ink and other contaminants from scanner optics, magnetic heads and transport rollers without dismantling equipment
  • Industry recommended cleaning solution that is both effective and safe
  • Quick, easy and inexpensive preventative maintenance

Recommended Usage

It is recommended to run moist cleaning cards through check scanners weekly.

Usage Directions

  1. Remove the ink cartridge from the machine if present.
  2. Start an application which will feed documents such as Capture Application, MyDemo, etc.
  3. Run the cleaning card through the My Vision X® 3-7 times, each time rotating the cleaning card top to bottom as well as flipped over so the cleaning card is inserted each time with a different orientation.
  4. Cancel the application, discard the used cleaning card, and replace the ink cartridge if needed

Note: The cleaning card is not intended to remove debris from the track, clean the sensors, clean the ink cartridge, or replace the cleaning procedures outlined in the operator manual.

Panini now offers for the VisionX® a web based software to clean the check scanner using this product.

To Run Panini Cleaning Tool Software click here

This is a Panini user manual video on the proper use of the Panini Waffletechnology Cleaning Card.


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