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Check Scanner Cleaning Cards, 4.375" x 8", 25/box

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Item#: K2-CIB25

Check Scanner Cleaning Cards, 4.375" x 8", 25/box

Weight: .9 lb

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4.375” x 8” Check Scanner Cleaning Cards, 25 cards/box


This card prevents processing delays and misreads as it removes contaminants from check reader/scanner feed paths, rollers, and heads.


* Reduces residue build-up without dismantling equipment

* Quick, easy, inexpensive preventative maintenance

Check scanner cleaning cards will clean: 

·         TellerScan Check Scanners - TS Series - TS200, TS210, TS215, TS220, TS230, TS240

·         MagTek Check Scanners

·         Canon Check Scanners

·         Panini Check Scanners

·         NCR Check Scanners

·         Epson Check Scanners

·         RDM Check Scanners

·         Digital Check Scanners

·         And many others! 


Recommended Usage: Once per day in high use areas and once per week in low use areas.


Usage Directions:
1) Remove Check Scanner Cleaning Card from pouch.

2) To clean the magnetic head and lens plates, insert cleaning card into hopper as you would insert a standard check, then choose scan cycle and allow card to pass through the scanner. Reuse the card by flipping it top to bottom and repeating the process several more times.

3) To clean the drive rollers, choose scan cycle while holding onto the trailing end of the card.

4) Dispose of card.


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